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2020 Committee

Relay for Life is a volunteer led fundraising campaign for Cancer Research UK.  


It is organised and run by a group of people passionate about raising money and awareness for Cancer Research and it’s work in Beating Cancer Sooner, through research.  


As with all major events, it takes a lot of organising to pull off the event, and Relay is no exception.


The role of the committee is split into lots of smaller jobs, which makes things easier, with each job having it’s own subcommittee so as a group they come together and Relay for Life is delivered.

Event Chairs


Sean Hickey and Laura Moore

Sean and Laura co-ordinate and oversee the event.

Team Chairs


Deborah McGlinchey, Fiona McFeely and Deirdre McCafferty

Deborah, Fiona and Deirdre are responsible for all things team.They register our teams, liaise with team captains, hold team meetings and look after our teams for the actual event.

Survivorship Chairs


Jacqueline McLaughlin and Siobhan Dunn

Jacqueline and Siobhan are responsible for recruiting and looking after our VIPS, our Survivors. Surviving Cancer is a living testament that the research is working, and is fulfilling it's aims of providing more birthdays to those with cancer diagnosis.

Candle of Hope Chairs


David Cairns and Lisa Lynch

David and Lisa are responsible for overseeing one of the most important aspects of our relay - The Candle of Hope Ceremony.

Logistics Chair


Davy Campbell

Davy is responsible for making sure everything is in place for the Relay, and is responible that the event is safe and enjoyable for all who attend.

Finance Chair


Christine Graham

Christine looks after all of the funds raised at each of the team events, and at the Relay and beyond.

Within each of these roles, there's a committee of volunteers helping them to make a successful Relay.

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